Welcome to the Toddler/ Early Headstart classroom

Our Toddler & Early head Start programs offer opportunities for expansion of the Toddler child’s growing need for independence. As children mature, they are exploring their own and other’s boundaries. Teachers hear the word “No!” Frequently from the Toddlers and they expect it!  Toddlers are active and curious explorers who enjoy observing, testing, asking questions and interacting with their peers and environment. They love music, messy tactile opportunities, and art activities, reading favorite books, dancing to music and building structures to knock them down!

            We encourage self help skills with Toddlers.  Using utensils and saying “please” and “thank you” are important table skills that the toddler will begin to learn. Limited self dressing skills, such as putting on your coat, or pulling up your socks can give Toddlers the sense of accomplishment they need to grow.

            Toddlers may become curious about toilet learning and will be encouraged, if appropriate, by their teachers to use the toilet. The teachers will work with you, the parent/guardian, regarding consistent expectations between home and school regarding toilet learning. This makes the learning experience a positive and successful one for all involved. At no time will a child be forced to use the toilet, or be made to feel ashamed for accidents. At this age, accidents are expected to happen, so please be sure and bring several changes of clothing. If you have questions regarding developmental readiness for toilet learning, feel free to ask questions and share concerns with the staff. The staff use appropriate correct terminology for toileting and body parts. This helps children see that toileting and diapering are very normal, accepted parts of being a human being and nothing to be ashamed or fearful about.

            Toddlers also begin to move away from individualized schedules and begin to have a more defined schedule for eating and sleeping. Again, if you have special concerns regarding your child’s schedule, please address them with the room teachers.

           Daily Schedule 

6:30-8:30 Drop off & Free plan 

8:30-9:00 Breakfast 

9:00-9:30 Diapers/Potty 

9:30-9:45 circle Time 

9:45-10:00 Project 

10:00-11:15 outside play 

11:15-11:45 lunch 

11:45-2:00 Nap 

2:00 diapers/ potty 


2:45- ? outside play