Welcome to the infant classroom

             Our infant space is designed to offer your child a special place to experience child care in a nurturing loving environment.  The room offers experiences that are stimulating and enjoyable, geared to your child’s needs.  The teachers in this room are here to provide you and your child with encouragement and comfort as you and your child get used to the child care routine. Children are cared for on an individual basis while in our infant program.  This means that sleeping and eating follow the child’s home schedule as closely as possible. We work closely with the family to determine the child’s schedule.

             Parents and family are always welcome to stop by, feed, cuddle, or play with their child. However, if a parent is visiting the room, we expect that parent to be responsible for the needs of their child.  This includes feeding and changing their child, as it is important for the child to have that intimate time with their parent/guardian. If you are planning to visit, we suggest that you call ahead to check if your child is sleeping. If your child is sleeping, the room staff would be more than happy to phone you when your child is awake. Uninterrupted napping allows for a smoother day for your infant, their caregivers and you, the parent/guardian!